WEtv Celebrity Marriage Boot Camp Stunt

The marketing team at WE tv was looking for a new and creative way to promote their new show, Celebrity Marriage Boot Camp. The idea was to create the Society for the Prevention of Celebrity Divorce that would exist outside of the WE tv’s voice. J. Robert Butler, a 60 something middle western man who had made it his mission to end divorce in America starting with all the celebrities, became the voice of the society. The society put up billboards and bus advertisements throughout Hollywood in hopes of starting a conversation. The campaign did just that as bloggers and major news outlets responded to the billboards and website.


My role in this project was to create the designs for the billboards and sides of buses, and to design and code the website. While the quality of the design is not anything to be proud of, it did present a unique challenge and pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I needed to create a design that had a clear hierarchy and felt like a consistent campaign. The challenge was not elevating the design to a point at which it was no longer believable.


Check out some of the press the Society got before We TV announced they were behind it.
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Services:Website and Billboard Designs