Clarks Digital Marketing

During my tenure at Clarks there have been several visual brand directions at Clarks. For this reason the bellow designs represent some of my favorite designs despite having different looks.


Bellow are a selection of emails that I have designed for Clarks. During normal trading periods the Marketing team will send 4 unique emails a week to the subscribed customers to help promote customer traffic both on the website and in retail stores. I am solely responsible for the email campaigns for both normal trading periods and for promotional campaigns.

Clarks Emails Clarks Emails Clarks Emails Clarks Emails Clarks Emails

Web Page Layout

The overall layout of the Clarks Homepage is laid out by myself based on requests by the Merchandising team. The main carousel displays 5 images at a time, and they are all rotated out weekly. Th e rest of the home page is based on the needs of trading, but a minimum of once a month.

Clarks Emails Clarks Emails

Client:Clarks USA

Services:Art Direction and Design